Creative ecology

There are plenty of different activities and opportunities for you despite all warnings on how we should all be responsable while on beach. SUP is one of them for sure.

Being pretty much meditative as activity (like long walks, cycling, fishing etc) for all those who are searching for some personal space and piece of mind there are also plenty other posibilities like collecting different objects you find interesting and use them afterwards bringing them back to life. It’ s not that they do not have their very own life of their own and yes they belong on the beach but if you would like to make an object of every day use this would asure you few very enterteining evenings with your kids, friends or alone.

 So, while pondering upon beauty of that one special piece you found and the meaning you have just assigned to it, we would like here to share a link to one of our members page who is lucky enough to have a lot of time for assembling all those pieces she collects. It is all about passion for craft of assembling driftwood named after a huge piece of styrofoam she used to paddle on as a child. In this case one paddle and a mission to catch a fish was enough for a child. Just as that famous quote: “If you are lucky enough to live by the sea you’re lucky”

More about you can find at