Beach rules

BEACH and SEA rules

Do not leave garbage on the coast or throw it into the sea, because it endangers life of other organisms!
Do not light a fire on the beach – it is dangerouse, not only for humans, bt also for plants and animals!
Do no tremove sand and pebbles from the beach!
Natural material deposit by currents (dried leaves of sea grass and parts ots of algae) serves as shelter and food for other organisms. Do not completely remove such material!
Do not pick or step on the plants growing on the coast!
Do not take marine organisms of the sea and leave them to dry!
It is prohibeted to deliberately disturb, take, capture, and or kill strictly protected speaces, or to deliberately demage or destroy their breeding and resting sites. Iti s also prohibeted to hide or in any way keep strictly protected species. Or to trade, export or transport such species!